Seasonal Soaps


These are our gorgeous Holiday and Winter soaps! They will make your bathroom smell so good too!!!

Gift handmade, small batch soap this Holiday!


These gorgeous soaps are full of amazing ingredients and smell fantastic.

The Frosted Lavender is just the thing you need to relax after a day in the snow. This is scented with essential oils!

The Hot Wassail smell is just like the drink! Warm and spicy with hints of citrus and apple! This is scented with a partially natural fragrance oil. Free of bpa and phythalates, high quality.

The Spiced Chai is to die for!! It is sweet, rich, spicey and has whipped cream to top it all off ! It is so warm and cozy but still packs a punch with the scent. This is scented with organic essential oils and a high quality fragrance oil free of phythlates and bpa.

The Hot Chocolate is creamy, sweet and so chocolatey! The whipped cream on top is Peppermint and the combo is just delicious. This is scented with raw cacao and a high quality fragrance oil free of phythates and bpa. The peppermint whipped cream is scented with organic peppermint oil.

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