Face Polish, Lemon Meringue


This delicious scrub is versatile and customizable. It is gentle, soap-free, anti-bacterial and moisturizing!


This scrub is customizable to your skin type and sensitivity. It is the opposite of drying and uncomfortable, it is soap free and will not burn. We wanted to create something that worked for many skin types and was moisturizing, exfoliating, calming, anti-bacterial and customizable. It only requires water to make it a softer and more gentle scrub or use it dry or with minimal water if you need a deep cleansing scrub.  The oils that are left after you rinse your face will keep your skin soft and smooth. We recommend using a washcloth and warm water to remove any excess moisturizer. Increase the warmth of the water to reduce the amount of moisturizer you want left on your skin (no hot water). You can also remove excess oil with one of our awesome face soaps.  It is moisturizing and antibacterial. You will love how smooth your face will be after using this scrub. It smells fantastic too!

Ingredients: Coconut oil*, baking soda, olive oil*, lemon oil*, tea tree oil*, lavender oil*, and lemongrass oil*. ** organic

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