Magnesium Oil Spray



Our magnesium oil is made in house because we want to make sure it is strong and effective. We use pure magnesium flakes and pure, chemical-free water. That’s it. 2 ingredients.

Did you know that magnesium oil is responsible for over 300 bodily functions? Crazy, Right!?

It is so important and so simple. Yet so many people don’t even know what it is or what it does for them.

We are setting out to change that and improve peoples lives with simple, natural and affordable products that work with your body!

Here are a few things we love using magnesium oil for: muscles pain and soreness, muscle relaxer, restless leg syndrome, headaches, joint pain, inflammation, pms symptoms, improved sleep, stress relief, and to support your organs functions.

Spray it directly on skin if your on the go or use it with some lotion to help rub it in. We have our magnesium lotion already blended with essential oils for the full aromatherapy experience and your convenience.It is a salt so it does feel different on the skin and can leave a residue but it will soak in after a bit. If you use it with a lotion or oil the salt residue is not usually noticeable.

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