Deep Tissue Massage Cream, Heal & Repair


Pain relieving, deep tissue, healing, soothing, warming.  It is great for sports injuries, work injuries, torn muscles and ligaments, sprains, fractures, stressed and torn tendons, bruising and more.


This amazing deep tissue formula is pain relieving, healing, soothing, warming. It is great for general aches and pains but it’s so much more than your average rub.

What makes this unique and effective is the blend of herbal infused oils that we make just for this blend. It is great for sports injuries, work injuries, torn muscles, torn ligaments, sprains, fractures, stressed tendons, torn tendons, bruises and more.

Check out the ingredients! We use herbs like comfrey, arnica and st johns wort in this blend. They are amazing and have been used for ages to help heal bones, muscles, tissue and skin. It is also antifungal, anti bacterial, anti viral, anti inflammatory, it improves the circulatory system and provides magnesium as well.